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Our Mission: The Green Vehicle Disposal group of companies was founded by an auto recycler, for auto recyclers and our goal is to help auto recyclers across North America stay competitive in the face of growing third party involvement in the end of life vehicle process. By empowering auto recyclers with the most up-to-date tools and technology we all keep our edge in today's competitive marketplace.

Introduction by: David Gold, Co-Owner of Standard Auto Wreckers - Toronto, Ontario & Niagara Falls, NY

We have all said many times before that we will look for new ways to bring in customers and start a marketing program or fix-up our website next week, next month or next year.

But how many of us actually get a chance to pursue this? If you are like me, David Gold at Standard Auto Wreckers you probably put it off time-and-again because the task was just too daunting. I did this for years and spent tons of money on quick fixes like Yellow Page ads, Local Classified ads, radio spots and local directories.

One day I came to the realization that I was spending thousands of dollars a month and not really getting the benefits or value I was seeking. Through much trial and error I began hiring professional business and marketing consultants to help find additional opportunities in the marketplace.

Now five years later I have been able to put together the ultimate marketing and promotion package for my yard and over the past several months I have been inviting my friends in the industry to join a mutually beneficial program that leverages the Internet and our various programs to drive new customers, end of life vehicles, brand recognition and good-will with the results being more junk cars, more parts sales, more U-Pic Yard traffic and tons more website traffic and telephone sales. We have now decided to launch this program to the rest of the auto recycling industry with the mission of cutting costs for marketing, promotion and car acquisition for the entire industry.

You Get:

  • Exclusive territory with all pickup forms and phone calls generated and phone numbers on, and
  • A custom built charity car program which will help bring in more end of life vehicles.
  • Partner with a well-know brand that has been around since 2007.
  • Professional web/print graphics, marketing materials and marketing plan to help you bring in local charities.
  • Build good-will and positive branding in your local community
  • Benefit from our web marketing and search engine optimization on many high authority portals that will include links to your website.
  • We open the door to the lucrative but highly competitive junk car market.
  • Enjoy the competitive advantages of being branded 'green' in your community.
  • Use MrCarJunk's vanity number (1-888-MrCarJunk) for marketing in your local area.
  • Have the expertise of a fully staffed web development, marketing, online promotions, call center and support staff department working for you.
  • Support auto recyclers across North America while they reciprocate support for your business.

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